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Malaysians knew the Negara Ku was adapted all along but the Indonesians just found out. And they are pissed. Just like in 2005, when they realised we borrowed their Rasa Sayang song, their hackers went on a web-defacing spree. Strangely, this time they seem to be focusing on web sites belonging to our English-language media...

The Star hacked The Star has two objectives, it is widely rumoured. To destroy the suspension of vehicles belonging to newspaper vendors on Saturdays and to shut out the political foes of their boss-of-the-day.

Insidious hackers inserted a video of a speech by The Star's nemesis-of-the-day. The guy was seen wearing his now famous boxer shorts.
Insider hacked This is quite a subtle hack. Were the hackers annoyed by the popular news portal's two recent dissolved scoops?

OK, so Malaysian politicians always deny everything and anything. But then, just like the The Malaysian Insider's recent scoop on the white man who was beaten up by a datuk, shouldn't there be a follow-up?
Malay Mail hacked Why did the Indonesian hackers insert a blog onto the afternoon paper's site?

Poor Indonesians didn't know what Malaysians knew all along??? That Rocky's Bru and the Malay Mail are the same thing?
Malaysiakini hacked Hackers defaced Malaysiakini's front page with a screenshot from a football game shown on a satellite TV sports channel.

What are they saying here? Could it be they suspect that Malaysiakini and the pay TV station share the same business model? Collect subscriptions and show you even more ads?
Malaysia Today hacked Indonesian hackers replaced Malaysia Today's site with a pirate's map pointing to someone's whereabouts.

When the site was restored hours later, commentators there posted some 5000 comments arguing about the race and religion of the skull shown on the pirate's map.

Screenshots depicted above are fictional & parody accounts. Duh! Boxer shorts pic from & pirate's map from Pirates Softball

See also: Face Off 1 (2005's defacement spree)

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