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In the seventies, popular local bands like The Falcons and The Alleycats performed cover versions of Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and Uriah Heep at some of KL's most psychedelic places: the Tomorrow Disco (now Concorde KL) and The Glass Bubble (now PJ Hilton). More agile Malaysians did the Funky Chicken at The Cave (now KLCC) and The Time Tunnel (now the AIA Building).

The top selling multi-racial recreational drug then was strictly herbal and every roadside burger joint in town supplied the joints (then known as barang). An American with a dog named Boo and a German rock group discovered that most of their fans were from a faraway, unheard of land where people purportedly lived in trees. Their albums appeared in that country under a mysterious Fanfare label.

Sometime in the eighties, a popular local singer tested positive and autocratic RTM banned all long-haired male musicians. Alleycats and Francessca Peters made waves in the Malay pop music market despite the dangdut onslaught. Discos started phasing out the intermediate slow dance sessions and retired all appropriately dressed bouncers. The late eighties saw the advent of 'bungalow clubs' like Faces, 11 L.A. and Betelnut. They rose above 'basement discos' such as Where Else (Hotel Malaya), Baze (Wisma Central), Tin Mine (KL Hilton) and the Federal Club (Federal Hotel)."Still Loving You" reaffirmed the Scorpions' position as Malaysia's favourite sappy rock group.

Enter the nineties. The Malay rockers stuck to their tresses, grass and denim amidst unsubstantiated allegations of Satan worshipping. Chinese partygoers embraced Estacy and techno music en-masse, while Indian revelers were chased out of Bangsar by white invaders. A mellowing Lobo visited Malaysia, recorded a P Ramlee classic and confirmed his only fans are from Malaysia. Jalan P Ramlee evolved into the nation's most debauched entertainment strip; an ironic tribute to the late Tan Sri. The Scorpions finally performed in Malaysia.

Fast forward to the new decade of the new millennium: the zeroties. The Indians re-captured Jalan Telawi 2, The Alleycats are performing with reading glasses and Jamal Abdillah tested positive again. An aging Lobo re-visited Malaysia and confirmed his last remaining fans are from Malaysia. Geriatric rockers Deep Purple & Scorpions returned in 2001 and the latter are back again, tonight...

Post-concert comments:

• Having been to Malaysia so many times, the Scorpions may have adopted some of our dreadful habits. Their 2-hour   show began at 10 pm. Santana still holds the record at 11:30 pm. Our airline misplaced his guitar, it seemed.

• Hardy domestic rockers Search, was the best opening act since the mismatches at the earlier Linkin Park and   Hoobastank shows.

• The older groupies were still waving trusty Zippo lighters in the air. In contrast, the outstretched arms of the younger   audiences at the Hoobastank concert were clutching new-fangled mobile phones with video recording feature.

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