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ANOTHER WEEK IN REVIEW (ending 17th July)
by TV Smith

Datukless In Dover
A young Bolehan Lennard Lee crossed the English Channel without the prerequisite pre-publicity blitz of swimming in a cage. He is also probably the first Malaysian to attempt a major record-breaking feat to raise funds for people other than oneself.

Starchy & Hutched
It is comforting to know that our police force is not emulating the incentive holiday scheme of the army. Bukit Aman will not promote fatty cops. What happens, if we have a fat IGP in future? Is he going to care, if he is not promoted?

Why No Clog Hunters?
It was reported that at 9:00 am Friday, a City Hall worker spotted a crocodile sunbathing in the Klang River on his way to work. At around 4:00 pm the city was hit with flash floods resulting in cars piling up on top of one another. If only City Hall workers are just as vigilant in spotting clogged drains and rubbish floating in rivers.

Inspired by the Lee Dynasty, three sons of three former prime ministers and a son-in-law of a current prime minister are 'contesting' in party elections. Future elections may be held at the nearby Dynasty Hotel.

Three Two One - Deja Vu
In an interview with the Financial Times, the Prime Minister said he was determined to make the country more competitive by cutting down corruption. Excellent idea. We are definitely not competitive, so far. In a span of three decades, only two prime ministers have declared war on corruption in their first year of office.

Colour, Me Bad
A Korean electronics manufacturer is introducing television sets that cater to people with colour blindness. It is estimated that 8 to 10% of the world's population have problems perceiving the colours red or green. To its credit, the compassionate Malaysian authorities have long recognised this problem. Some 3 million colour-blind motorcyclists in the Klang Valley are allowed to ride through red lights with impunity.

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