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by TV Smith

1:00 pm Thursday. I first sensed something was amiss when I noticed the number of concurrent users at dropping dramatically. Jeff Ooi confirmed it, when he called to inform me of a major power outrage affecting Taman Tun and Shah Alam.

DJ Joey told me that the clock tower in JB was seen frozen at 12:27 pm. Moments later, Aizuddin phoned me about seeing a stalled LRT train in front of his office. The Southern Grid from Tanjong Malim downwards is broken as we later learned.

The current blackout is cascading and has already affected major parts of KL, Selangor and Johor. The last major National Blackout was in 1996 and the last Grand Northern Blackout in 2003. There are some valuable lessons from those previous episodes.

What to do if you are in a blackout area?
• Stop calling Tenaga.
• Stop calling your friends and overloading the cellular networks.
• Do not leave your home or office just to add to the traffic snarl.
• Preserve your vehicle fuel as the petrol pumps nearby cannot operate unless they   have a genset.
• Do not send me a mail later to ask me how you were supposed to read this when   there was no electricity.

What to do if you are in a non-blackout area?
• Cook the perishables in your fridge now.
• Start saving whatever you are working on the PC, if you have no UPS.
• Stay put.
Don't plan on taking the LRT. The trains can't move without electricity.
• Prepare alternative lighting source.
• Save or conserve water as the pumps at the reservoirs will stop working too.

What we currently know:
• There is no update on the Tenaga site.
• The Star & bloggers were again the first with the news.
• It is going to be rectified fast because Putrajaya is also affected.

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