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by TV Smith

Through a friend of a friend, I heard about a puppy outgrowing the cage it was kept in. It was sometime ago but that story would come back to haunt me, to jab at my conscience, from time to time. Yet, I did nothing.

Overcome by guilt, I investigated the story recently. True enough, at a village somewhere near KL, there was a dog permanently caged. Sentenced to life-imprisonment, the female mongrel was already eight-months-old when I set eyes on her sad eyes. The cage, a chicken coop actually, was not as small as I initially feared. Her wardens do not regard the incarceration as cruel nor unusual. In fact, they do love her, in their own strange and ignorant ways. Ironically, she was kept locked-up because they didn't want her to get into trouble or to end up as a stray. So she became their pet and prisoner.

Today, after some persuasion, the owners finally agreed to let me 'borrow' her for a couple of weeks. As I carried her out of the car into the compound of my house, I was wondering if I have made the right move. In her little jail cell, she probably felt safer, protected, isolated from the big bad world. Emancipated, she was shaking, quivering, confused and bewildered. Hours later, she was still keeping to her imaginary boundaries. She sat silently still, never moving from the same spot, not even by a few inches. When she stood up, she semi-crouched, as though there was still a ceiling, inches above.

Despite growing up on a diet of mostly plain rice, breadcrumbs and occasional leftovers, she looks surprisingly healthy. But for today, she'll have to make do with my cat's tuna-flavoured Friskies. I suspect she'll not like the taste, just like her first taste of freedom.

Should I rehabilitate the dog or her owners? Should I break my promise and not return her to her cage? Will she miss her keepers and will they miss her? For now, there is no indication, no bark, no whimper, from the dog with no name.

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