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During Gubra, a close-up shot of pig innards appeared on screen. The tudung-clad woman next to me shuddered and half-covered her eyes. Hey! Yasmin Ahmad may be on to something here, I thought. Welcome to the new Malay horror film genre.

Much as I like new wave Muhibbah-ism, some scenes (such as the aforementioned) were unnecessary, I felt. There is already too much gratuitous sex and/or violence in movies. Now, there's gratuitous taboo for fragile Malaysians. There were a few such moments in Gubra that came off as either too contrived or unbelievable.

Like the bilal petting the dog. Or that nauseous scene where Alan and Orked feign disgust about a Malaysia populated by only one race of people. Orked declared (in a fit) that cheating is endemic among Malay husbands. Really? (Almost) every husband in Malaysia cheats; circumcised or otherwise.

Orked finds comfort in a wooden Chinese fellow. So what do suffering wives in homogeneous societies do? Of course Yasmin knew that. Gubra required Yasmin's bold new signature. Otherwise, it would have been another warm fuzzy Petronas commercial.

This outing is deliciously dark and layered. Taboo subjects are tackled wickedly. The ubiquitous Rumah Tumpangan, Malay hookers, Chinese pimps. Her honest observations of Malaysian society riled a lot of people. Like that abusive bigot on the RTM talk show tonight. By his own admission, he has only read the review. WTF?!

Hassan Muthalib you rock, by the way. You were the only person on the panel who understood a film is, a film. To devote prime time on TV (and in Parliament) debating whether the two films threaten cultural values is a testimony of the sorry state of our nation. Yasmin, will you make a film on the crooked bridge or ear squats, please?

I doubt Yasmin even has an agenda to begin with. She makes a movie and like every other before her, hope to recover her investment, make a little profit, win some awards. She tells her story in the way she sees it. She sells it better than those old horses making gerak movies.

She engaged some bloggers and whipped them into a frothy orgasm. It is a powerful new marketing medium which she cleverly utilized. Heaven forbid, if Gubra has a social message, it would be preaching to the converted. Those zealots are getting their knickers into a twist for nothing.

When Pink Pau and I cornered Thor Kah Hoong and asked how his character suddenly recovered at the end of the movie, he quipped “Yasmin's a miracle worker” Indeed! Now, I'm thinking, Gubra may be the best satire on our society's growing intolerance.

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