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HAPPY 051526040506
by TV Smith

After stuffing ourselves silly with yummy sausages at a party hosted by the Australian High Commissioner last night, Jeff Ooi, Citizen Nades, Eddie Chua and I decided we should wash it down with more beers.

Off we went to the National Press Club. The intrepid trio were discussing the sexual exploits of a Datuk - who champions the cause of exploited women - when I interrupted them. I reminded them that in about 10 minutes, we should charge our glasses, hug each other and weep unabashedly. An imaginary digital clock in my mind will soon be displaying 010203040506.

They all stared at me with blank faces. Obviously, everyone there (including Eddie) hasn't been reading The Star. The daily has been touting the event with much pomp and fanfare. They even sent journalists into the streets to interview and enlighten the rakyat

This once-in-a-lifetime digital age moment surpasses mediocre and insignificant moments such as the recent fuel price hike and crooked bridge scandal. Heck, they even ran a countdown contest. I'm not sure if the Americans counted it a month earlier since they normally write the month before the date (day).

The time came and it sure was difficult to synchronize. Everyone of us there had old-fashioned analog watches. I guess it wasn't observed enthusiastically in 1906, as well.

Happy 051526040506, by the way. It was the precise time I finished writing this entry. That moment too will not happen again for another hundred years. Hugs.

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