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by TV Smith & Lu Sean

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TV: While we were being pushed along this twenty mile long entourage, Sharizal called...

Sharizal: Where are you guys?
Lu Sean: Watching the chariot...
Sharizal: Waltzing at the Marriot?
Lu Sean: No! Think Gavin DeGraw
Sharizal: Oh... I wanna join
Lu Sean: Meet us at L.A. (Lebuh Ampang)

We never got to meet Sharizal as we were soon stuck in a massive gridlock of people and vehicles between Chinatown and Little India. She walked towards the coconut smashing frenzy while I stayed in the car and calculated the remaining fuel. Meanwhile, I suggested to Sharizal to move ahead towards Jalan Raja Laut.

With many Indian shops there, Leboh Ampang is a popular stopover for the chariot

Lu Sean: I was especially impressed that most of the people were walking barefoot, even children who didn't seem any worse for the wear. It was interesting to note that most of those walking barefoot were women. Guess we know who the stronger sex is. Also impressed by how there were free food and drinks along the way offered by charitable and commercial organizations. As TV said, if it was a Chinese festival, almost everything would have a price tag (as we both witnessed in the Nine Gods Emperor festival).
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Flanked by riot squads, women and children marched barefoot with milk pots towards Batu Caves.

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