TV SMITH's Dua Sen: It's A Bug's Death
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by TV Smith

My friend Paul had a problem with cockroaches in his car. Not exactly of "Joe's Apartment" proportion but irritating enough. You know those little ones that run helter skelter every time you open your car door. So Paul got himself a can of Shelltox (generic name) and started zapping the little fellas every time he spots them. One night we were having an extended drinking session and when he stumbled home he left his car at his usual parking spot. He was awaken the next afternoon by a big commotion. As he rushed downstairs, he soon realized that something terrible had happened to his car. The can of Shelltox had exploded in the midday heat!

The force of the explosion knocked the back seat off its place, ripped off the third brake light, damaged both the speakers and left shrapnel and debris all over the car. One thing for sure; Paul doesn't have a cockroach problem anymore. For the poor cockroaches, the incident was like a nuclear explosion resulting in instant annihilation. The moral of the story: read those warnings on the can and don't store those "harmless" aerosol cans in your car.

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