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Meet The Post-Apocalypse Bloggers
by TV Smith

What do you know? A number of survivors from the March 8 catastrophe have evolved into bloggers. They bitch and rant as you would expect of a blogger. But unlike ordinary bloggers, their online profiles are crafted like job resumes...

Chua Soi Lek (Dr Chua Soi Lek)
The man wants your comments to rebuild and reform his party. I think is a good start. It is updated frequently enough and he even has a link to Lim Kit Siang. No, there are no You Tube links.
First post: 28th March 2008

Mohd Ali Rustam (Dari Kacamata Mohd Ali Rustam)
He started off nicely by demanding an apology from Geert Wilders but progressed to shit-stirring a fond issue. The pig post attracted some 270 comments and credit to him for not censoring opposing views.
First post: 1st April 2008

Khir Toyo (Cetusan Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo)
Glad to see him drop all honorific titles unlike some of the other "VIP bloggers". Of course, the man can't resist sticking on a poll to survey the precariousness of Pak Lah's position. Links to Rocky and Marina Mahathir.
First post: 28th March 2008

Abdul Rahman Dahlan (Ahli Parlimen Kota Belud)
Maybe he hasn't realised it is so 'uncool' to address oneself as YB AND Dato (on a blog). Unlike the rest here, it is nice to see him embedding a few pictures. There is a sweet picture of his family but some of the other pics seem to suggest he is a big fan of THE SIL :)
First post: 24th March 2008

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