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by TV Smith

There's danger driving in the rain. Not from slippery roads or poor visibility but from a strange breed of Malaysian drivers who turned on their hazard lights at the slightest drizzle. Just a tiny raindrop and these drivers will drive around gleefully with all the signal lights flashing. Could it be a case of misguided caution or some form of twisted logic? Don't these drivers understand that the hazard lights are to be used only when the car is stalled or immobile. That's why it's also called the emergency lights.

On the subject of driving, there's another hazard on the North-South Highway. Apart from the dangers of stray buffalos and bland nasi lemak, one has to contend with another strange breed of drivers. They cruise along at exactly 110kph on the outside lane. They won't bulge even if you flash or tailgate them. The road belongs to them because they are law abiding citizens who keep to the speed limits religiously . No, I'm not one of the speed freaks breathing down their bumpers. I drive an old jalopy so I keep to the left lane most of the time. But thanks to these 'law abiding' drivers, I'm in constant danger because the faster vehicles (usually the express buses) always end up overtaking them on the left.

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