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Some 70% of bloggers are women, someone once complained. But why should we? Better known bloggers like Woody, Najah, Hani, Meesh, Jenn, Strizzt, among others, provide us with regular doses of refreshing perspective and much needed counter-point. From the fringes of blogging heartland comes some equally delicious writing. Relatively obscure, these little jewels do not ping PPS, get blogrolled as much nor embrace permalinks. Here's a sampling, in no particular order;

Life Is Fabulous
Hani's latest entry "Did You See That?" deserves a special mention. Sweet, honest, touching; it warmed the kerang of my heart and moistened my eyes.

Channel C
Carolyn wrote me some time ago and said she made a mistake promoting the Dua Sen site to her friends and colleagues. Through here, they found a link back to her (previously unknown) secret hideout. Her latest entry "4 Years to Life Sentence", is a seemingly cryptic protest of boiler room life in an ad agency. Maybe I can relate to it in a perverse sense, for I was a 'warden' before. Nice parable.

Enchanted Realm
Jolin's latest headline screamed "Linkin Park Was Freakin Awesome!!!!!!" An amusing and accurate account of the concert follows. Wish she bitched more about those Modesto-dressed bitches everyone else was bitching about :-)

Mental Jog
Penangite Lucia Lai, a regular 'commentator' at Screenshots and several other blogs, decided it was time to set up shop herself and blog on the issues close to her heart. The result; a female version of a cross between Joe Blogs and Lone. A good start.

"I am woman, hear me roar
 In numbers too big to ignore
 And I know too much to go back and pretend
 Cause I've heard it all before
 And I've been down there on the floor
 No one's ever gonna keep me down again..."

Excerpt from I Am Woman - Helen Reddy. Lyrics and Music by Helen Reddy & Ray Burton

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