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by TV Smith

Malaysia's Formula One prospect Alexander Yoong may end up last when he races at the new Sepang F1 track. Each time he pulls into the pit stop to refuel, a smiling Bangladeshi pump attendant will greet him with " Encik, isi sendiri"... While this may be taking the self service concept to the extreme, the oil companies seem to take delight in making life as difficult as possible for its customers. In fact, this is the only industry I know that does so.

Take the Seehum station along Jalan Pahang that I used to go to regularly. They decided that every time you want to buy petrol ( and a pack of cigarettes) you should walk through the door, maneuver through sacks of rice and toilet rolls before you can hand the money to the cashier. Life was simpler last week, just walk up to the little window and pay from outside. Someone in the management must have decided that the only way to get people to buy their overpriced mineral water and stale curry puffs is to 'force' them into the store. Strangely, either due to under staffing, shoplifting or the fear of robberies, they conveniently open up the little window and locked its doors after midnight. Talk about self serving self service!

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