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A Misunderstanding
by TV Smith

Mainstream newspapers gleefully sensationalised the bitch fight between two PKR comrades recently. Like most people, I first thought the aide punched the MP because he couldn't stand his long sideburns.

Actually the matter was all a misunderstanding. When the YB arrived at the area, he was approached by some residents regarding an unresolved issue. He in turn confronted the aide to get his opinion. A heated argument ensued:

YB: "Apa pendapatan kau?"
Aide: "Huh?"
YB: "Apa pendapatan kau?"
Aide: "Huh?"
YB: "Apa pendapatan kau?"
Aide: "Huh?"
YB: "Apa pendapatan kau??????"
Aide: "&*#@!^#&%#?*^!!!!!!!"

The aide wasn't aware that the words pendapat (opinion) and pendapatan (income) may be used interchangeably like in Parliament. Being the sporting politicians they both are, they have since hugged and forgiven one another.

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