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by TV Smith

Been busy attending to my baby, the portal Malaysia Central (MyCen) during the past couple of weeks. There was a backlog of over two thousand submissions, and I figured I should devote at least a couple of weeks to shorten the queue. Why were there so many submissions, you may be wondering? Simple. Many Malaysians now know that searches at major search engines for Malaysia-centric stuff often yield MyCen at the top of the results.

What started as a single page of links to essential government bodies in 1998, has since evolved into Malaysia's leading portal with over 30,000 unique users and 150,000 page views daily. That's over millions of hits per day, if you must know. It has outlast and outperformed several multi-million ringgit funded start-ups, along the way.

Its success lies in its simple, no-ads, no-frills interface. Finding any establishment or site is a couple of clicks away, since day one. While Mycen's own spider do crawl around Malaysia's websphere, many of the listed sites are manually submitted and checked. The organic (and exponential) growth in content and users require considerable human supervision to ensure the listings are always relevant, accurate and updated.

A common misconception is that Mycen competes with spidering search engines like Google. In reality, MyCen and Google co-exist happily, to the benefit of all listed sites. Mycen's spider-friendly database becomes delicious fodder for Google Bot. The number of searches originating from Google is phenomenal, resulting in a win-win-win-win situation for all parties (MyCen-Google-Listed Sites-End Users).


Malaysia Central is proud to be the only external resource linked from Malaysian government Ministries, embassies, educational institutions, NGOs and industry web sites. It is also chosen as the default information gateway on the intranet of several leading local corporations and MNCs. I am also happy to note that an increasing number of users now originate from mobile devices such as PDAs or smart phones via GPRS, EDGE and 3G.

One of the primary attractions of MyCen is the inclusion of Malaysian sites or establishments not found anywhere else. These sites were included based on user feedback and through extensive research. While some webmasters are not bothered (for some reasons), many sites fail to show up in Google due to inadequate SE optimisation or poorly implemented design.

For such sites, an appearance at MyCen should result in subsequent indexing by Google and other major engines. On the other hand, many local organisations may never be found online at all, as they have no web sites to begin with. MyCen takes such entities into account as part of the listings include physical addresses, phone and fax numbers.

Of course, the quest to be all-encompassing is endless and the directory is currently far from perfect. With this in mind, may I invite you to continue recommending things you have come across and like to share. It can be a business entity, a school or even your own blog. Please do a search first to confirm it is not already listed. It probably is.

If you have submitted in the past and it is still unlisted, please e-mail me and I'll personally look into it. You can also submit event announcements and press release for immediate publication. As a webmaster or blogger, you may be interested to know that you can also add MyCen's search panel to your site for free.

Nice examples: here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here

Thank you. End of plug. Regular programming here should resume next week.

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