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by TV Smith

No, it's not about that popular group and song of the 60's, though the lyrics seem kind of apt. It's about our self-righteous brothers and great pretenders, members of the self-appointed national moral riot squad. The latest beating victim of their bigoted batons is 'God' himself, as portrayed in the (nearly) banned comedy, Bruce Almighty. The recent banning spree could also be attributed to frightening new technology invading our country. The rise of the machines has reduced us to non-thinking, sinning individuals incapable of making decisions or
discerning choices...
NEW giant vacuum cleaners are installed in front of cineplexes across the country. Innocent passersby are forcefully sucked in, strapped onto cinema chairs, eyes prodded up with toothpicks and tortured with blasphemous comedies.

NEW robot VCD player on wheels automatically roams neighbourhood pasar malams. It retrieves X-rated movies, transports itself back to the living room, inserts disc and turns on the television. Amazingly, it also fires a tranquilizing dart that immobilizes the viewer's entire body, except for the head (Chinese Kung Fu style).

NEW television programming with kissing scenes contain subliminal messages that cause viewers to rape family members and prowl underground car parks. All the more dangerous, as new television sets are shipped without remote controls, channel buttons or even power switches.
NEW photography and art magazines jump out of newsstands, unwrap furiously, flip open and attack unsuspecting members of the public with 'offensive' artistic images. Latest 'flasher' mags are printed on paper immune to the black marker pens of local censors.

NEW high-tech radio sets disable all other channels on detection of movie contests centered on the word 'God'. Note: Current models unable to distinguish differences between the generic word 'God', deejay 'Godfrey Rajalingam' and giant chichak 'Godzilla'.

NEW Internet browser (and modem) connects by itself, download and display porn images on boot-up. No user intervention necessary or possible.

NEW clandestine Instant Cafe Radio Station broadcasting parody and satire live to the masses 24/7.
NEW mobile phones with built-in sensors detect rage and jealousy in users and automatically disable voice mode.

NEW newspaper publishing software diverts single complaint letter to relevant authorities for automatic and immediate banning of the subject distressing the writer.

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