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ICT - I SEE THEE (A Pictorial Review)
by TV Smith

Is Malaysia's biggest ICT event held in conjunction with Malaysia's biggest smoking event? One of the first things that greet visitors at the entrance are the overflowing litterbins (below left). Did we just deport another round of foreigners or did their wages just go up?
In the high-tech age of large LCD displays and plasma screens, the visitor is next greeted by a video projector suspended mamak restoran-style (below right). Still, at least there was some form of entertainment, as the single queue at the limited registration counters soon snaked into an endless spiral.

Tak Nak 
Mamak style

Telekom/TMnet/Celcom's combo pavilion is the biggest and grandest, without doubt. They are smart this time in not bringing along those sullen women from their counters. They hired pretty Ah Lians instead. These Ah Lians know their stuff. They posed instinctively every time they see a camera (below left). Mercifully, there is not one tiny weeny single trace of VPL (Visible Panty Line): the cardinal sin of dressing in tight white (below right). There is one disturbing thing over there, though. Below the slender legs and stilettos are tiny floor-buried aquariums complete with trapped micro fishes or tadpoles. Who the hell came up with such sadistic designs?

You Want To Soot Me? 

Sarawak's booth is refreshingly earthly and traditional. Instead of opting for chrome and plastic, their technology is decked out in bamboo, barks and dried leaves (below left). Jaring has got to be the most creative. Their stand is enclosed in a giant mosquito net (below right).

The Net

Everyone knows that when it comes to automobiles or boring CRM, girls sell. No one's interested in your booth even if you provide true broadband. Put a pretty face there and the men will be milling around for hours (below left). Heck, they might even volunteer more information than she asks, including their ATM password or EPF balance. A great way to expand databases. HOTlink has a one-up on every one else. They have a sensuous pussycat prowling the floor (below right).


Digi too has a well-designed stand with plenty of pretty women in white. An Indian DJ who tried hard to sound like an American black nearly marred it. But then again, every Indian DJ in Malaysia tries to sound black. Why can't they sound Indian like Richard Ng?

ACM 2004, billed as "Malaysia's Biggest ICT Show", runs from the 2nd to the 5th September at the MIECC, Mines Resort City. Visit: for details.

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