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Is Abdullah Adopting A Scorched Earth Policy?
news commentary
by TV Smith

A scorched earth policy is a military tactic whereby the withdrawing party destroys anything that might be useful to the advancing enemy.

Abdullah's imminent successor or dislodger from within the party will have to deal with unprecedented ill will from the public if inflation spirals out of control. The coveted position will be a pain, not a prize.

On the other hand, the inheritance squabble may soon be academic. The besieged PM may have hammered the last nail into the BN (Barang Naik) Party's coffin with the shock fuel price and electricity tariff increase. The public outrage will help those politically agnostic MPs justify a cross over.

While it is good to wean the people off subsidies, the domino effect on the prices of other goods and services will overwhelm every ordinary citizen. The Buy Now, Get Partially Subsidised Later Policy may mean little to someone trying to make ends meet, on a day-to-day basis.

There must be better ways to save 13.7 billion ringgit. Ask a blogger, a taxi driver or a barber; they'll tell you...


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