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Vagina Sells Newspapers
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by TV Smith

Hygienic Ah Longs
Uncle Hing, my roadside cigarette vendor, told me the Chinese newspapers were selling fast last night. It was only this morning that I realised the hot draw was a front page story on hygienic Ah Longs and not the KTM (Kuda-Toto-Magnum) results.

A loan shark client was given a free (unscheduled) pelvic examination on the stairwell of her apartment building. The Star reported it with all its glorious details: "She said the men had put on surgical gloves before sticking their finger into her vagina and that they were laughing at her while carrying out the obscene act"

In contrast, NST has a more dignified report: "They dragged me into the fire stairwell and removed my skirt," she said. She added that they burnt her hands and thighs with incense and also tried to burn her genitals."

Maybe, it is because the NST reporter is a woman. Not surprisingly, The Star's report made it to the top of their most viewed. NST's restrained piece didn't get as many clicks, it appears. I wrote about the public's hunger for gynecological news in 2003 with ANY OLD WOUNDS IN YOUR VAGINA?

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