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Fuel Flip Flop Fiasco & Bumped Bums
news commentary
by TV Smith

Fuel Flip Flop Fiasco Fueling More Questions
To prevent foreigners from buying our subsidised fuel, what kind of mechanism ought to be in place? Do we identify them by their car plates or their I.D.? What if foreign registered cars drive beyond the border towns to pump fuel? So should we then extend the ban nationwide? What about genuine tourists who need fuel? How do they buy non-subsidsed petrol?

Is it practical for all petrol stations to set up additional pumps to cater for that? Since true gasoline prices fluctuates all the time, how do the stations keep track? If they reset the price on existing pumps, will it cause inconvenience to Malaysian motorists as less pumps will be available to us? What about Malaysians working in Singapore, driving Singapore registered cars? Should these Malaysians with Singapore PR, earning Singapore dollars be allowed to buy subsidised fuel in the first place?

Does Singapore not have a 3/4 tank exit law in place? What about those smugglers shipping out giant tanker loads of fuel disguised as other cargo daily? Shouldn't the focus be on large-scale smuggling? Why aren't all these issues addressed by the Anti-Inflation Cabinet Committee before making all the confusing announcements?

I don't have the answers for all the questions either but I do know the nation needs an Anti-Idiocy Committee urgently.

Bumped Bums
According to The Star, twenty-two youths were arrested after patrons at a discotheque fought when a teenager was accused of deliberately ''bumping'' into a girl on the dance floor in Pulau Redang. The girl was among members of a lion dance troupe who were holidaying on the island. Now, here's my question:
These are guys who (literally) stick their heads into the backside of a fellow troupe member all their lives and they are upset someone bumped into their girl?

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