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UFOs, Boulders & Baseball
behind the news
by TV Smith

We Come In Pieces
While there has been much coverage of the UFO that exploded over Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam yesterday, little news emerged from the sister ship that fell over the Chan Sow Lin area. Scrap metal collectors arrived on the crash site promptly and retrieved every single piece of debris for rapid recycling. Previous notable Malaysian recycling efforts include the record-breaking removal of high-tension transmission tower pylons in Sabah.

Rectangular Boulder worshipers are upset that their newly erected shrine was removed unceremoniously from Bandar Mahkota. Earlier, members of the little-known religious sect gathered at the site armed with sticks and helmets to protect their holy structure. A spokesman for the group has also called for the Sedition Act be thrown at blogger Zorro for referring to their sacred monument as "concrete slabs".

Swinging Stats
It is now apparent that baseball --- and not badminton -- is the top sport enjoyed and played by millions of Malaysians. This fact was not previously publicised as millions of ringgit have already been channeled into the development of badminton, football and hockey.

A timely incident at Mantin glaringly demonstrated the immense popularity of the American pastime in our country. The two groups of college students who clashed over a girl, were all handily and readily equipped with baseball bats.

Incidentally, the big fight at Mantin started when one of the students accused the girlfriend of another of behaving like a Malaysiakini password. The password of the popular news portal is commonly shared and passed about within student communities.

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