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by TV Smith

The sudden decision to slap motorists with the maximum fine for obstructing traffic police riders escorting VVIPs is outrageous. Have you ever driven unescorted through KL's infamous traffic jams? If you're stuck, you're stuck.
Out of the way Buster! VVIP coming through!

I can understand if someone willfully blocks an emergency vehicle. Sock it to him. But to come down so harshly on a motorist for delaying a government servant's journey to a dinner party; is tantamount to (road) bullying the helpless.


There is now a sudden realisation that many cars on the roads are 'cut-and-join' vehicles and dangerous. Duh! For years, the backyard of Beautiful Malaysia is littered with 'potong kereta' shops selling 'half-cut' bodies (which I wrote about way back in 2003). What did they think all these handy parts were for? Decorative purposes?

Why buy spare parts? Buy half a car lah

This scenario is similar to the outcry when manhole covers and copper cables go missing. They call in RELA, set up CCTV cameras, SMS helplines. No one bothered to pay a visit to all the 'besi buruk' shops mushrooming all over the place.


Lo & behold! The Tourism Ministry discovered taxi drivers fleecing Middle Eastern tourists. Hello? Do you really need to wait for feedback from Arab travel agents to be aware of the situation. Just go to KLCC & Petaling Street and see the long lines of taxis touting for business, taking aim at gullible tourists.

Or go speak to any hotel bellhop and he'll tell you horror stories (of cabbies fleecing tourists) that'll make you faint. This sham has been around forever. I think the Tourism folks should get out more often. Or they ought to read blogs. I highlighted this way back in 2003. In fact, I told the then Tourism Minister (Mr Bow Tie) at a party and he seemed surprised too.

cabs   more cabs
Wondering where all the cabs are? At Chinatown (left) & KLCC (right), patiently waiting for Arab tourists lah. I think the authorities should have a new 'No Meter' sign to avoid confusing tourists.


When F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone said our Sepang Track was getting shabby, he may have unwittingly placed our national culture of non-mainenance in the international spotlight.

True enough, government office roofs and ceilings came crashing down about a week after. Shabby maintenance is compounded by the even scarier fact that buildings or structures weren't even properly constructed in the first place.

mirror   mirror
Maintenance-Malaysian style. At this washroom in an ultra-modern transport terminal, you get to pee in your pants and wash your hands at the same time. The large mirror is precariously prop up with cheap masking tape and a piece of stick.


Seems Malaysians love going undercover. Today, there's news that enforcement officers will be posing as buyers to nab computer dealers who preload pirated software into their PCs. Yeah. Poor Bill Gates just got knocked off his perch and is no longer the world's richest man. He sure can use some help from our undercover agents.

Just last week, I wasn't sure I should laugh or cry at this piece of news: “Undercover officers from the Malaysian Crime Prevention Association (MCPA) have also found fake Viagra pills selling for as low as RM20 per pack.” With a brutal murder taking place almost every other day, the Malaysian Crime Prevention Association went undercover for a month to gather these products. Yes, you read it correct. The Malaysian Crime Prevention Association. I feel really safe now. Thank you.

Malaysia, Truly Malaysia.

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