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by TV Smith

Of late, the Internet has become the favourite beating boy. If a horny farmer sleeps with his goat, the Internet will be threatened with censorship, once again. Nevermind the bugger has no PC, let alone broadband. Nevermind the easy availability of 'sum kup' VCDs at the neighbourhood pasar malam.

When they catch some school kids hanging around in dimly-lit cyber cafes, guess who's to blame again? Many of these so-called Internet cafes have no Internet connection, no browsers, no software; just kuda machines. Someone closed one eye and when they get caught out by angry parents, who do they pass the buck to?

When someone uploaded some Mat Rempit stunts on Youtube, the authorities were so upset that the videos appeared on the Internet. Is there anyone in charge who is more upset about the Mat Rempit menace than the Internet?

So someone bought some fake Viagra pills online. Another bought some from the Chow Kit sidewalk. Did anyone call for the registration of all snake oil salesmen because someone failed to get an erection? No, register the websites; because some lame politicians feel so powerful saying it.

Some greedy sods got burned by some dubious online investment schemes and who do they blame? The Internet, of course. How different is this from the guy who was approached by a stranger on the street flashing a 'Rolex' under his jacket? The buyer thinks he can earn a fast buck by re-selling it.

Outside the Internet, there are a thousand more cepat kaya schemes with similar modus operandi floating around. Heck, even a lawyer was sending loads of money to Nigerian scammers who used snail mail. But never blame it on one's own greed and stupidity, blame it on the Internet.

When the PM allegedly 'lost his balance' at Lumut, I am sure few hundred people would have witnessed it. You don't need the Internet to spread the news. I am sure the celcos already made a tidy sum from SMSs before the PM regained his footing.

As citizens, we have the right to know and be concerned of the PM's well-being. Instead of timely and factual news from the mainstream media, they waited until some blogs scooped them with some creative reporting. Who gets the blame? Mobile phones? Human beings? Goats? No, the Internet again.

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