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I Almost Fainted After Doing It
by TV Smith

We were supposed to do it after watching P Ramlee The Musical on Wednesday. The show started late because of some nasty storm and people were stuck in a massive traffic jam all over town.

It was already past midnight when the show ended. We headed to the National Press Club for some drinks and by the time supper finished, I was already too sleepy.

Yesterday was a more relaxing day. Can't hang on to it any longer, we both realised. We ended up at our favorite place. It was deserted when we got there at around 2 am.

Making sure no Mat Rempit gang were watching, I gently pry opened her moist orifice and inserted her. She seemed uncharacteristically quiet and insatiable. I've been with my baby for six long years and I know how she normally reacts.

During our travel together, we have had our fair share of quickies in all sorts of strange places. But yesterday, we were at familiar territory. Heck, we were doing it at the exact same spot where we first did it. Was that not romantic enough?

Sigh. She's not herself, somehow. I was thinking to myself as I held on to her side; maybe she is still mad I forgot the cap the last time.

I yanked it out hastily and the white stuff emerged from the slit.
I took a closer look at it and my knees went weak. I almost fainted. OMG! I just pumped one hundred forty six ringgit of petrol !!!!

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