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by TV Smith

Take the real poll. Once upon a time, Mr Nice Guy said "Work with him, not for him." So fellow rakyat, tell him the truth lah...

Feedback 1
We hate the official poll because:
Have to sign up to vote
Have to log in to vote
Have to log in to view results
All of the above
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Feedback 2
In our minds, a GLC is:
Govt Linked Company
Govt Linked Crony
Govt Loaned Company
Guaranteed Lose Company
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Feedback 3
We are angry because:
The sneaky manner it was done
The excuse seems like a convenient afterthought
The mainstream media blanked out the real woes of the rakyat
Someone presented a few lousy charts to justify it
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Feedback 4
Yes. We feel your pain. How about:
Reducing the XXL cabinet?
Switching off some decorative lights at Putrajaya at night?
Taking over the billion ringgit AP business from a few individuals?
Having one less pointless commisssion of inquiry?
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Feedback 5:
Nicest way to rub salt into the wound:
Tell us to change our lifestyle
Tell us there will be a toll increase next year
Tell us the chain effect will be minimal
Tell us oil prices in Malaysia are still cheaper
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Feedback 6
Funniest ploy by far:
Riding LRT in an expensive suit
Using 3 fuel guzzling helicopters to quell demonstrators
Cycling with motorcade and outriders
Blaming websites & bloggers for the public anger
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