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It was reported not too long ago that SMS, chat and online jargons are creeping into essays submitted for school examinations. This was cited as a probable cause for the recent decline in grades throughout the country. TV Smith attempts a history essay in contemporary lingo to test its efficiency…

re: mk history

mk in d c route btw in & cn. found in 1400 by hindu pr param aka sul10 iskandar. dude turned ct in2 a gr8 com ctr w biz ppl visiting fr cn/in/me. de sailor c ho arrived 1st time in 1409 w his m8s. btw - 50 yrs l8r babe li poh bcame wf of sul10 ;-)

portuguese ppl captured d st8 in 1511. local ppl 4ught back but h2 win w/o weapons? ne1 can tell cos d 4n invaders hv cannons. dun 4get tt they also got a formosa 4ort :-(

1606: dutch ships attacked mk but portuguese won. so d dutch sez they will brb. true enuf in 1641 they came back n ko portuguese ppl 4ever. <g>

no1 tot po$bl but for 3rd time mk captured. brits took over app 1800 till ww2. gtg.

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History Of Malacca

Malacca lies in the sea route between India and China. A Hindu prince named Parameswara founded Malacca in 1400. Also known as Sultan Iskandar Shah, he transformed the city into a great commercial center with traders visiting from China, India and the Middle East. Chinese naval commander Admiral Cheng Ho and his fleet landed in Malacca for the first time in 1409. About fifty years later, Princess Hang Li Poh arrived and became the wife of Sultan Mansur Shah.

The Portuguese captured the state in 1511. The local people fought back but found it difficult to defeat the invaders as they were without proper weapons. Anyone could tell that they didn't stand a chance as the foreign invaders were armed with cannons and even built a fort called "A Formosa".

In 1606, Dutch vessels attacked Malacca but the Portuguese successfully defended the city. The Dutch was to return and in 1641 came back to wrest Malacca from the Portuguese for good.

No one would have thought it was possible, but for the third time another colonial power captured Malacca. This time the British took over around 1800 and ruled it until the Second World War.

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FWIW, both texts by TV Smith are for illustrative purposes only and are by no means the most accurate of account of history!

This article appears as "History SMS Style" in the print and online edition of The Star 25/04/04

© 2004 TV SMITH
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