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The New Sitemeter Sucks
by TV Smith

Below is a reproduction of a mail I sent out to a few blogger friends. Thought some readers here may also benefit from it. Sitemeter is the tracking code installed on millions of blogs and websites to count web traffic, identify referrals and monitor visitor movement (anonymously). The creator got itchy and implemented some silly Flash interface that ruined its previous usability and capability to generate fast loading stats. The phrase "If it ain' t broke, don't fix it." never rang so true...


Since I installed or introduced Sitemeter on your blog, thought I'm duty-bound to give you the heads-up.

Over the weekend, Sitemeter migrated to a new server and format. Problem is the new layout is as confused as Baldy and the implementation of Flash makes loading even slower than Bodohwi's planned 'reforms'.

First, you need to migrate to the new account with the email you registered with. Then you can log in regularly and wait for the paint to dry. There is already a lot of noise in the blogosphere.

I can only hope they do the right thing by reverting to the original friendly interface. Will keep you posted. Meanwhile you can follow the uproar from other bloggers here:

The New Sitemeter Sucks (Google results)

Feel free to forward to your blogging buds who might be in the dark.



Update: About an hour after posting this, Sitemeter announced on its blog that it will be implementing a rollback to the former system immediately! Good of them to respond quickly and positively to criticisms. Unlike our B & B :)

Sitemeter Rollback

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