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by TV Smith

The nation is going gaga over reports of a cop who is worth 34 million ringgit. Behind the exuberance, an ominous implication looms. Our future healthcare system is at risk. Many parents are now planning to send their kids to the police academy instead of medical school.

Although 34 million ringgit may be modest by today's creative earning standards, it is hardly an amount to scoff at. Even with rising inflation you still get...

Buatan Malaysia

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42,500,000 packets of nasi lemak bungkus at 80 sen each.

28,300,000 copies of The Star. Approximately two weeks circulation based on available statistics.

22,368,421 liters of petrol. Full tank for 447,368 Proton Wiras.

10,000,000 gig or 976.5625 terabytes of hard disk space. Can probably compete with Gmail.

6,800,000 pieces of pirated VCDs. You can easily beat North Korean leader Kim Jong-il who reportedly has a personal video collection of only 20,000 titles.
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5,000,000 ang pows with 7 ringgit inside for every person in Selangor.

4,800,000 trips on the Penang Bridge.

971,000 Gold Class tickets to watch Star Wars - Revenge of the Sith.

850,000 flights to Phuket.

340,000 copies of the report by the Royal Commission of Inquiry.

18,888 individual 3G subscriptions for one year.

3,820 Nile River cruises and belly dancing shows.

1,360 low cost flats at RM 25,000 each. 'Undertable money' not included.

1,133 scholarships at RM 30,000 each.

317 Proton Perdanas to start a taxi company. Fleet license not included.

34 reconditioned Lamborghini Diablos.

31 citizenships cum passports of a beautiful Caribbean island nation.

2 Hang Tuah movies.

1.6 luxury exco village.
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All figures rounded to the nearest and are based on approximate or estimated prices. Calculation errors excepted.

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