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by TV Smith

You've just ordered another drink. The music stops abruptly and the house lights ceremoniously faded up. Dour-looking, torchlight-touting men in jackets marched to the middle of the dance floor. The boys are separated from the girls. You're forced to exchange your IC for an empty 'Essence of Chicken' bottle. No; it's not a free diabetes test, it's a police raid, Malaysian-style.

Even if you have never been near a club or disco, I'm sure you've seen pictures in the press of groups of youngsters rounded up in a raid on some entertainment outlets. They're often made to squat (like legal Indian IT workers or illegal Indonesian immigrants) outside the club premises or at a police station's compound. For the party-goers, it's just part of the humiliating process of waiting for the results of their urine tests or having their ID checked against a 'wanted list'. Granted that some of the 'detainees' might be prone to substance abuse, whatever happened to the principle of innocent until proven guilty? Will there be a Geneva Convention to protect these people? They are sometimes treated worse than POWs; paraded before press and television cameras like trophies of war. The only crime for most; dancing, drinking and having a good time.

The privilege of having your pee tested at your favorite party place is a recent advancement in law enforcement. Not too long ago, unfortunate clubbers were often rounded up, herded into police trucks and made to wait for hours at the police headquarters while 'screening' was being done. If the indignation of the process is not enough, you'll soon find that the 'free' transport provided is only one-way. You'll have to find your way back to wherever they picked you up from. Some of the negatively-tested one-way ticket holders returned to find a summon on the windscreen or their vehicles towed away. Not a deliberate act by the cops, after all it was already 9.00am and their cars were illegally parked and holding up traffic along busy Jalan P Ramlee.

Fortunately somebody in charge figured out that you could save a lot of petrol and time by bringing along portable drug testing kits to the targets. Recently, I noticed that they bring along drug-sniffing dogs too. Normally, at the slightest hint of an impending 'operasi', the guilty ones dispose of their 'worldly possessions' on the floor, underneath bar stools or any familiar nooks and crannies. The narcotic dogs find the 'lost' items. The cops have a 'success story' for the press; a prized catch measured in grams.

We are often reminded about the importance of our ICs, yet in some cases, the big stack of ICs are handed over to the DJ, to be returned to their respective owners after the cops have long left. Who's responsible when someone's IC goes missing? I'm all for drug-free party places. I'm also all for busting the supply chain. It is no big secret that drugs are fairly easily available from or around some establishments. This is an ironic reverse of the vice den raids. There, the foreign women (suppliers) get arrested, while the married men and fathers (customers) are let off the hook with some friendly advice and a pat on their backs.

The high-handed harassment accorded their sons and daughters surely need a review. How about showing up in uniforms and treating the many innocent with a little courtesy and respect? After all, these youths are supposed to be our future leaders and movers. By mishandling, mistreating them at their most impressionable age, the authorities have probably inculcated in many a life-long hatred for 'The Establishment' and 'Essence of Chicken'.

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