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by TV Smith

Every time a tragedy, disaster or heinous crime occurs; our politicians, mass media and public respond vociferously. All with good intentions, of course. However, quite often our outrage fades as swiftly as the proverbial knee jerk. Some say it's because we are a resilient lot, quick to recover and ever ready to move on. O
thers think it is due to our trademark indifference or apathy. Either way, the fact that we Malaysians are mostly amnesic helps greatly. Take a look at the chart I've compiled below and see how many of the past headline-grabbing proposals are remembered, let alone enforced today. I've left the third column for you to fill up.

1985 Memali IncidentBan deviationist groups
1987 10-year-old schoolgirl raped and murderedStiffer penalties needed
1987 Chow Kit shooting incidentBetter info dissemination, rumour containment
1988 Collapse of Penang Ferry Terminal bridgeBetter crowd control, more pedestrian bridges
1988 Loh See Fun poisoning Check noodle factories, control boric acid use
1990 Sungai Buloh fireworks factory explosion No dangerous factories near homes
1990 Karak Highway accident - 17 killed Form Cabinet Committee on Road Safety
1992 Subang Airport firesDiscourage sleeping staff
1992 Port Klang oil infernoImprove safety measures
1993 Collapse of Highland Towers
Stringent approval of hillside projects
1994 Landslide in Cameron Highlands Control rapid deforestation
1995 Karak Highway landslide Monitor all illegal logging activities
1995 Drums of toxic waste illegally dumped in PerakStiffer penalties needed, better monitoring
1996 Pos Dipang mudslide Control rapid deforestation
1996 Typhoon, floods hit west coast of SabahImprove emergency handling, raise funds
1996 Gua Tempurung landslide Improve monitoring
1996 Nation-wide blackoutBetter power management, build more IPPs
1996 Road rage victim required 200 stitches Stiffer penalties needed
1997 Coxsackie virus epidemic Focus on preventive measures
1997 Haze problem (regional) Ban open burning, prevent forest burning
1998 Water crisisBetter water conservation, control deforestation
1999 Death of dugongs Set up dugong sanctuary
1999 Nipah JE virus epidemicClosure of pig farms, culling, raise funds
1999 Student raped & murdered near her school Improve security near schools
2000 Road rage murderStiffer penalties needed
2000 KL flooded Clear rubbish off drains
2000 Hostages abducted from Sipadan Island Increase security, naval patrol
2000 Computer engineer raped and murdered Ban tinted buses, check all drivers' background
2000 Grik arms heistEnhance security of armoury
2000 Shooting rampage by licensed gun ownerTighten gun licensing
2001 Racial clashes at Kg MedanFoster better understanding, reduce poverty
2001 Man killed by licensed gun owner after quarrelTighten gun licensing
2001 Girl raped and murdered by schoolmate Escort daughters to and from schools
2001 KL flooded Widen rivers & drains
2002 Incest case involving father & 5-yr-old daughterStiffer penalties needed
2002 Airport coach hijacked & passengers robbed Ban tinted buses, check all drivers' background
2002 Serial rapist cab driver on the prowlCab companies to check all drivers' background
2002 Student brutally attacked and raped in Kajang Make streets safer in Kajang
2002 Pre-dawn landslide over bungalow Stringent approval of hillside projects
2003 SARS epidemic Better containment procedures, public info
2003 Accident killed roadside dinerBan all roadside dining
2003 KL flooded Build Super Tunnels
2003 Woman abducted, raped and murdered Install cameras in all car parks
2003 Accident killed roadside dinersRe-ban all roadside dining
2003 Northern states blackoutPrepare report
2003 Fatal accident at Jelapang toll plazaRelocate toll booths
2003 NKVE rockfallImprove monitoring
2003 Pahang trunk road accident - 14 killedReport cards for bus drivers
2003 Aircraft wires found tamperedImprove security
2003 4 motorcyclists seeking shelter killedBuild proper rain shelters under flyovers
2003 All rhinos at conservation centre dieShut down captive breeding program
2004 Aircraft wires found tamperedImprove security
2004 9-year-old schoolgirl raped and murderedStiffer penalties needed
2004 Fatal accident at Jelapang toll plazaRelocate toll booths
2004 10-year-old schoolgirl raped and murdered Set up Rapists Registry
2004 Horrific maid abuse caseTrial by media
2004 Snatch thief victim diesStiffer penalties needed
2004 Kepong Bridge crackedPrepare report
2004 Gua Tempurung landslide Improve monitoring
2004 Midnight landslide over bungalow Stringent approval of hillside projects
2004 Wild elephant drowns in relocation effortCulling needed
2004 KL flooded Clear debris
This list is not exhaustive nor does it suggest gravity, indifference or inaction in any particular order.
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