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Jewels of Teluk Intan
by TV Smith

The riverine town of Teluk Intan may be sinking but the people there remain rather optimistic. It seems to have the highest concentration of licensed gaming outlets east of Vegas. Apart from easy gambling, funny signboards, soggy steamed peanuts and a leaning pagoda, the charming town is also famous for something else...

Teluk Intan

Mastan Ghani:
The Mastan Ghani coffeshops are well known for their Mee Rebus, Rojak and Nasi Beriani. The dishes
are serve with one whole boiled egg instead of a miniscule slice that is common in KL. Founder Hj Mastan,
from India, started by carting the food on a shoulder pole during the 1950's. His descendents now operate
two shops in the middle of Teluk Anson town, with a third one in Taman Ros.

Mee Rebus & Rojak in town. Same delicious gravy for both dishes. Heavenly food for only RM 2.80 per plate.

Mee Rebus

Nasi Beriani in Rose Garden. I ordered the cabbage side dish separately. The standard set is RM 4.50.

Nasi Beriani

Liew Kee:
The shop may appear dilapidated and unappealing but its Chee Cheong Fun draws mile-long queues.
The recipe is so simple yet so unbelievably tasty. Rice flour is steamed with turnip, dried shrimp and
fried onion crisps. There are only two or three rickety tables for dine-in as most customers prefer take-
away. One guy bought 250 packs the other day. Pity the folks queuing behind him :) The business
started in the 1920's when Port Anson was a thriving hub serving the whole of Perak. As with the old
days, plain old newsapers (including the obituary sections) are still used as wrap.

The delicacy is eaten plain or with pickled green chillies (instead of drowning it with yucky sweet sauce)

Chee Cheong Fun

3am Operation. The owner is very 'media-friendly'. She allowed me into the kitchen and even offer to
waive the bill. The dish is cooked in a giant steamer fitted with conveyor belt.
Price: RM 3.00 per pack.

In The Kitchen


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