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How To Add MyCen News To Your Blog
by TV Smith

MyCen News is the aggregated RSS mashup of Malaysian news headlines spanning both the mainstream & alternative media, including blogs. You can add the live feed to your mobile phone, read it with a news reader like Google Reader or Bloglines or feed it to your desktop widget. You can also read the news directly from here.

I have been receiving numerous questions from bloggers on how to add MyCen News to their blogs. Here is a simple tutorial for those using Blogger / Blogspot. Word Press templates may require a simple plug-in to do the same.

First, make sure you are already using Blogger's new template. If you are still using the old one, you will see an option to upgrade. It is quite painless and worthwhile.

1) Sign into your Blogger account and in the dashboard, click Layout:

2) Then on the sidebar elements, click on Add a Page Element:

3) A separate pop-up window will appear. Select Feed and click Add To Blog:

4} Window changes to Configure Feed. Copy and past this url: 

5) MyCen News and its news headlines will appear after a quick retrieval. You can choose from 1 to 5 news     headlines with the latest at the top. Keep item dates and item sources unchecked as the news source is     already shown with the headlines. Save Changes and the window should close by itself.

6) Go back to the Edit Layout page. Drag and drop MyCen News to a position you want on the sidebar.     Remember to click Save. That's it. Now you have fresh and dynamic content on your blog.

A Quick FAQ:

Why is the news feed on pages at Malaysia Central updating faster?
The newsfeed on the portal is picked-up directly from its own server. New entries are reflected immediately. The RSS feed via Blogger is fetched through Google's server at a scheduled interval and therefore may appear slightly behind. Sometimes it may be because of persistent cache on your browser. Press Ctrl F5 to refresh.

I am still using the earlier javascript and html insertion, should I change to this method?
Yes. The javascript access will be phased out soon.

I don't like a pro Pak Lah news item. Can I remove just that bit?
Too bad.

I don't like a pro Anwar news item. Can I remove just that bit?
Too bad.

Do I need permission before adding the feed?
No. Since the headlines link to the source directly, a link or a mention of MyCen News would be nice.
The link is:

I have a breaking news posting on my blog. How do I have it included in MyCen News?
If you have an interesting post which you feel should make it to the headlines, please send a e-mail alert.

Where can I view a sample?
Shanghai Fish and Goody 2 Screws and thousands of other examples here.

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