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by TV Smith

It was Hari Raya in the year 2000. I was sandwiched between thousands of other rakyat. We were all waiting in line to wish our Dear Leader, who was encased in a majestic palace. Yes, I am a closet admirer of the man who proclaimed that there shall be no censorship of the Internet. As the good doctor smiled affably and greeted each guest warmly, I was awe-struck by the opulence of his official abode.

The Dear Builder wasn't about to let any pretenders move in unannounced or otherwise. Unlike those early 007 movies - where a suave intruder blew up Dr No's ostentatious headquarters and escaped in the nick of time - a Disney ending evolved instead. In due time, Dr M moved out graciously and our media coated him with oozing saccharin.

Too much artificial sweentening leaves a bad taste, as the Tun found out recently. Even before those 100-page tribute pullouts turned yellow, some are already humming the new tune aloud. In the process, they opened up a festering wound for the old boss to lick. Call it a twisted metaphor or poetic (in)justice if you must. Newspapers change colours like chameleons - to prey or survive - we are given to understand.

Short-lived gratitude has a buried and ironic precedent, though. The aging Tunku was also chastised for his comments and for allegedly interfering in the then new Mahathir administration. Karma and chameleons, they come and go.

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