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by TV Smith

My dear friend Victor Chin unveiled a collection of 40 photographic prints at the National Art Gallery yesterday. Triumph In The face Of Disability is proudly sponsored by Applied Imaging, Kodak and Malaysia Central (MyCen). I urge all consummate pixel peepers to go look at the beautiful prints. Behind the uplifting images and poignant viewpoint, is a story of what a man can do with a camera and not the other way around.

Every day, I hear camera owners (who are not necessary users) lament about being handicapped by inadequate (mega) pixels, noisy sensors or a poor lens. There exists a widespread belief that a dSLR will magically transform the buyer into a better photographer. This misguided notion is perpetuated by people who devote their time to putting down 'lesser' cameras, instead of doing the forgotten thing. Taking pictures.

Victor's powerful series of pictures were captured with a humble Nikon Coolpix 320 (3.2 megapixels) point & shoot camera. Like Victor, award-winning photojournalist Alex Majoli is another artist who triumphed over equipment snobbery.

More on the man, the exhibition, venues and dates here.

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