TV SMITH's Dua Sen: Happy Humpers Are Driving Our Orang Utans To Extinction
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Happy Humpers Are Driving Our Orang Utans To Extinction
by TV Smith

I wrote in 2003 that we are a nation of happy humpers. Nothing much has changed except for a couple of things. Anal sex now rank up there with statutory declarations as the nation's favourite pastime. Whatever happened to blowing someone without C4?

That leaves the back door wide open for an all-important question. People from around the world are now asking why Malaysia is not already KY Jelly's top consuming-nation.

I asked around and was handed a stack of statutory declarations instead. Those stingy buggers are swearing by palm-oil based margarine and cooking oil as lubricants.

Thanks to them, rogue oil palm cultivators are deforesting rainforests even more rapidly. OK, I got my green message across. I am happy.

PS: When you see a SD and a snake, which do you kill first?

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