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by TV Smith

Platinum Girl
The Star - 5/1/2005

It is twelve days since the Mother of all Tsunamis struck. Caring Malaysians donated millions in cash, food and tattered bras. Corporate leaders posed gleefully with mockery cheques and politicians lap up sanctimonious moments. Our doctors, volunteers and journalists are on the ground in Aceh, Sri Lanka and many other affected countries.

Meanwhile, a 115-year-old woman waits in a tent in our own backyard.

So she survived the last World War eating tapioca leaves and evading Japanese bayonets. Now she sits in a relief center hoping that her daughter from Ipoh would call.

Something is not right. Almost two weeks after the incident, a centenarian is forced to rough it out in a tent, while funds to rebuild her home and remaining life remains buried in bureaucracy. Maybe no VIPs are available for the Mother of all Photo Opportunities or that our country is still in chaotic shambles.

The latter can't be true as our tourist promotion boards were quick to point out that the damage was minimal and everything is now business as usual. Plenty of hotel rooms are available for tourists but none for a lady older than the country's oldest rubber tree in Kuala Kangsar.

I understand there are crooks and fraudsters capitalising on the unfortunate situation. I am told we need to be cautious and the fund managers must investigate each victim diligently. But with this platinum girl, I think we should give her the benefit of the doubt and apply some of our famous cow sense.

For crying loud, can't we at least put her in a hostel or some backpacker's lodge? Even if the funds are tied up in red tape, can we not roll out one dusty red carpet just for her? We are known for our super fast action when it comes to younger heroes. With the flick of an executive finger, we mobilised thousands to welcome sports heroes and record breakers, doled out instant cash rewards and conferred datukships overnight.

Meanwhile, a 115-year-old woman waits in a tent in our own backyard.

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