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by TV Smith

The ongoing one-sided cyberwar (updated report here) with our neighbour is getting absurd as seen from the recent web defacements...

Gaduh gaduh! National Space Agency website is hacked with an order to take along gado gado instead of roti canai!
Department of Environment's website is replaced with... hmm... eh... haze, I think.
Indie filmmaker Yasmin's blog received a warning from mainstream enforcers.
Slimmers World Malaysia's super slim model on its main page is replaced by an unknown model.
JAWI's main page is defaced with what looks like a highland rave party picture.
Immigration Department's website is defaced with a counter boast.
A grim message for Malaysian manufacturers. I think they ain't coming back.
Local adult site Melayu Boleh is defaced with Disney images!
They had to rub it in... this inserted banner on the FAM site hurts the most.
Shocking! A female hacker inserted a hygiene product forbidden on our screens.

Screenshots depicted above are fictional & parody accounts. Duh! Rave pic from Suanie & Gado pic from Bali Good Food

See also: Face Off 2 (Hacked Again 2009)

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