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It was supposed to be a bloggers-only dialogue session with PM-hopeful Tengku Razaleigh or Ku Li as he is popularly known. Due to some miscommunication, members of the mainstream media started trooping in before Buka Puasa at Ku Li's White House. Not that I mind, but the dialogue soon degenerated into a press conference :)

The only bloggers that I recognised are A Voice, Ancient Mariner and the 'think tankers' duo of Tricia Yeo and Khoo Kay Peng. Since I was seated next to
the soft-spoken politician, I kicked off the session by asking about fellow-blogger RPK's incarceration...

Ku Li

Me: What is your take on RPK's detention?

Ku Li: I think it is wrong as there are other laws that could have been used to trial him for the allegations.

Me: So you are saying we should abolish the ISA?

Ku Li: No. We must review it so that it cannot be abused to detain people whom they don't like. Currently. they can detain you because they don't like your long hair or another person who is fat.

Me: If you become PM, what change do you hope to bring to the nation?

Ku Li: Well, I think we are in a different age now. And secondly we must be prepared for the next 25, 50 years. The wealth of the country must be shared by all the people including those in Sabah and Sarawak. They feel that they are colonised by Peninsular Malaysia. We must assure them they are part of Malaysia.

In terms of education, we must reform so that we are better prepared for the future. In health, we must assure the people have access to healthcare...

Me: What about corruption?

Ku Li: I am looking at the model which is used in Hong Kong which is very effective. And I think that is a model which should examine closely for use here. So far as the government is concerned, from cabinet right down, we should work corruption-free. No one should have discretionary powers which they can use for their own monetary gains or their cronies. I think that must stop.

The White House

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