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I wept profusely and inconsolably every time I listened to a particular public service announcement on radio. The 'ad' that urges drivers to be alert and to look out for a vulnerable motorcyclist whose only hope in life was to get home safely. I cried like a retiring politician because taxpayers' money was wasted in the most unrealistic and misdirected campaign ever. Contrary to the gentle message, the average Malaysian motorcyclist is a raging suicidal psychopath. Amidst the backdrop of the elegant Petronas Twin Towers, more and more motor-psychos are turning the city into a showcase of urban lawlessness and traffic anarchy...

KLCC Kuala Lumpur 'Cycle Club With A Death Wish

Welcome to The Kuala Lumpur 'Cycle Club (KLCC).

Membership Available:
Ordinary Member: Open to all riders of bikes and scooters with engine capacity of 125cc and below.
Honorary Member: Open to all owners of motorcycles with exhaust silencers removed.
Life Member: Due to the nature of our activities, we have discontinued the life membership category.

Membership enquires. e-mail:



More riding obstacles removed! Motorcyclists are now allowed to:
• Ride through 'No-Entry' signs.
• Ride in the opposite direction of one-way streets.
• Ride through red lights.
• Ride without lights at night.
• Ride without helmets in all residential areas, suburbs and kampungs.
• Ride with 4 passengers on all gazetted roads.

Joint Promotion with the Sumatra Forest Burning Association.
Special offer for Haze-Line™ fuel additive. Only RM 2 per bottle. Produce whiter smoke from your engine and impress other motorcyclists at traffic lights.

Honda Cubs Versus Proton Satrias Weekend Races. Every Saturday night. MRR 2 Expressway between Taman Melawati junction and Ampang Jaya exit.

Members Write-In:
Member Lim Ah Hock of Setapak wrote in with this "Did you guys realized that the abbreviation for our Club is not very pleasant in the Hokkien dialect? CC, si si in Hokkien means mati twice lah".
How auspicious. We are considering changing the club's name to KL44.
Send your feedback and questions to:

According to Hellrider Magazine, Malaysia has overtaken Cambodia & Vietnam as the most chaotic and dangerous motorcycling country in ASEAN. Well done people.

Dating Without Helmets
Single & Helmet Free
Family Outing
Cars Can Be A Nuisance

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Member Of The Month (June 2003)

Member Syed Osman who lost both legs in an earlier motorcycling accident beat 270 other illegal street racers in the recent Jalan Mahameru Challenge Trophy. Syed rode to victory in his specially modified bike with training wheels.

Member Of the Month (May 2003)
Member Lee Weng Onn (of Tuck Heng Spare Parts Supplies, Jalan Ipoh, KL) successfully delivered a Proton Waja replacement door to a workshop in Seremban by riding with one hand.

Member Of The Month (April 2003)
Member Jonathan A/L Moses skillfully side-swiped and knocked off 2,763 car side wing mirrors in a single week, breaking the previous record of 1,891 damaged mirrors set by Nor Azam Aziz in December 2002.


Health Advisory
Dot not under any circumstances get yourself wet. With the slightest hint of rain take shelter under the nearest overhead bridge or flyover. You and your fellow motorcyclists may now occupy up to three-quarters of the road. Remember; staying dry is more important than staying alive.
Road Block
Fashion News
New Mat Motor™ Rainy Season 2003 Collection. Complete riding apparel under the popular Invisible Series now available: Black helmet with black leather jacket, black plastic pants, black shoes & black gloves. Suitable for both night street racing and casual cruising.

Safety Recommendation
Always wear the right shoes for maximum protection and safety when riding. Recommended model (pictured right) feature thin rubber soles for maximum flexing and easy gear change or braking. Side band prevents exhaust pipe scalding and minimal bruising during a crash.

Tips & Tricks
Safety Shoes
• Remove or short-circuit your taillight bulb to prevent easy identification at night.
• Store your only wing mirror in a dispatch bag. Fasten it 50 meters before a road block.
• Traveling with a family of four? Sit the youngest child in the front basket.
During a breakdown, do not call AAM, a mechanic or a tow truck. Just call another motorcycling friend. Tow your   motorcycle back by hooking one leg onto your friend's motorcycle.
• Fastened helmet strap may result in a missed call on your mobile phone. If left un-strapped, you can answer a call   even while in motion.
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