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Common folks, mainstream journalists and ministers are now aware of the B word. Everywhere I go, people would ask me "What's a blog?" Last night, even Raju from my favourite soup kambing stall cornered me with: "Macha, macam mana bikin blok?" With so many questions and misconceptions, here's a FAQ for the unacquainted;

What is a blog?
The word blog is coined from weblog (web log). A blog is a journal, diary, commentary or opinion series that is published online. The content is usually presented in a chronological order and is archived. The entries may be frequent or intermittent, the topics irreverent or topical. There are no hard and fast rules for the bloggers (blog keepers) or their visitors (readers).

How do I blog?
You need Internet access. You need to put your words onto a server that is hosted under your own domain or a third party. You may design it yourself, use content management software (CMS) or jump in with easy template hosting such as Blogger, LiveJournal, Diaryland, TypePad, Xanga and more.

What is a template?
Please purchase my other book "Templates for Dungus"

What should I call my blog?
Call it anything you want. Some atypical examples: Loctor Mayat's Autopsy, The Insane Ox Speaks, Warung Ikan Bakar, Tora Tora & Mckee Mckee, KL Konfidential, Ado Apo Dengan ShinShin?, What The F*CK?!

Are most Malaysian blogs by angsty teenagers?
Not necessary. There is an angsty blogger with no pimples and an even more angsty blogger with a long grey beard. There are also blogs by business entities, advocacy organisations and political parties. For true diversity, throw in a club, a pub, a CEO, a deejay, a doctor, a Datin, a retiree, a teacher, a filmmaker, a disabled person, a Bhai and a baby.

Are there any themed blogs from Malaysia?
We have food, recreation drugs, anti-smoking, cigars, sex, parenthood, medical PDA, books, showbiz, gay life and photography to name a few.

Is it true our Prime Minister has a blog?
The blog was a parody or satirical blog created by unknown person(s). President Bush has a spoof blog too.

What is satire?
If you don't know what it is even if it bites you in the ass, just call it a "joke".

What if I have no readers?
There should be at least one reader, unless you don't read your own postings.

Will my mom find out about my blog?
Generally, anything on the web is accessible and will be found, eventually. You could try password access (for selected readers) but your friends are bound to spread it like Malaysiakini's subscription.

Are blogs and websites the same thing?
A blog is a website but a website is not necessarily a blog.

Are bloggers journalists?
Bloggers are not journalists but some journalists are bloggers.

Can we trust blogs?
Yes. Blogs are as trustworthy as our journalists and politicians.

Why do some local reporters refer to blogs as forums?
Blogs are not forums. Most blogs have a commenting system, tagboard or feedback mechanism. The comments may be posted unmoderated and anonymously or it may require pre-registration and approval. A few blogs have a separate spin-off forum such as Dr Liew's.

Should I blog anonymously?
It's up to you. You can be as anonymous as a speechwriter or put up your picture, bio, home address, medical and sexual history.

Can I really stay anonymous?
You can post from a internet café but the originating IP can still be traced. I was told that some sneaky geeky cyber cafes track their customers with stealth keystroke recording software, or have hidden cameras. If you are paranoid, go to a typical noisy, smoky Jinjangish "internet café" where the disinterested operator is happily gaming along with the faceless customers.

Can I get into trouble blogging?
It depends on what you write. You may be held under the ISA, charged with sedition, sued for defamation, copyright infringement or get sacked for badmouthing your boss.

Bill og Guarantees

What about "NO CENSORSHIP" under the MSC Bill of Guarantees?
See previous question or ask Bill.

What is the Malay word for blog?
Dewan Bahasa has not heard about blogging yet.

What is a permalink?
Since blogs are usually presented in a chronological order, a permanent link allows you to hyperlink or bookmark a specific entry. The permalink for this posting is

What is blogrolling?
In a generic sense, it is a collection of links to other blogs the blogger reads or recommends.

Where do I find Malaysian blogs?
You may want to start at these places:
MyCen Blog Directory
Project Petaling Street
Geng Jurnal

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