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Sudah pindah. Moved. Migrated. TV Smith's Dua Sen has migrated to a brand new domain ( and server effective today. Please update your bookmarks and links. Don't worry if you can't do it immediately; the old links still work though. All visitors will be automatically directed here, page for page, including deep links. It should be a totally transparent experience for the user. Take a look at your browser address bar above. Let me know if it still shows the old url. The existing RSS feeds should work too.

Dua Sen started life in 1999 at my Geocities site (of 1998 - 2001) and was hosted in Malaysia Central since 2003. The explosive traffic growth at MyCen coupled with the popularity of this blog pushed its server to the limits. As such, I decided to assign a separate server to Dua Sen. With more space and bandwidth available now, I hope to post more articles and present more of those bandwidth-chewing pictures.

As an example, the recent Japan GT girls consumed over 60 gb of bandwidth during its first few weeks, exceeding 500,000 page views. Belly buttons sell in Malaysia, apparently. The government also unwittingly promoted traffic when it took aim at local blogs recently.

I have decided too, to host the blog locally (at Cyberjaya) and use a Malaysian government controlled domain name registrar despite the misguided attempts to persecute local bloggers with alternative views. Unlike the mainstream media, most of us bloggers write without any agenda nor do we serve any political masters. All we do is voice our thoughts on the things happening around us. It's our country too; in case the politicians forget.

Our conscience is clear, so come hit us with your ISA, OSA, Sedition Act and proxy prosecution, if you must. What's more troubling is the 'saber rattling' will only drive more blogs underground and trigger a new wave of anonymous blogs hosted outside the country. Why not embrace bloggers like how you embraced the much more menacing Mat Rempit?

Meanwhile, life goes on. I have been missing for a while, I know. I'm embarking on an exciting and ambitious new feature at Malaysia Central. (Edit - launched: see here) Once that is launched, regular programming here should resume. Take care.

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