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by TV Smith

Why does it take millions of sperm to fertilise one egg? Because men won't stop to ask for directions. Now, there is an easy way to find your way to a location before even leaving home.

Fly to more than a thousand places in Malaysia for FREE with MyCen, your new low cost carrier. From Pulau Jerejak in Penang straight to the Causeway in JB within seconds. Absolutely NO delays.

Malaysia Central's new unique MyCen Locations allows you to go to any of its listed location, place or landmark in Malaysia with one simple click. No saving or re-opening of files is required if Google Earth is already installed and opened. (First-time users, please read this)

Partial screenshot. Satellite image & Google Earth interface are the copyright of DigitalGlobe & Google respectively

Almost all the skyscrapers in the Golden Triangle area are covered by MyCen Locations. Curiously, during the beta testing stage, it was found that Jalan Doraisamy (Asian Heritage Row) & Dataran Prima in Kelana Jaya were some of the most popular location searches. By linking maps & placemarks to the places frequently queried within our portal, we hope to enhance the user's experience.

Please bear in mind, that it is still in a nascent stage and I hope to cover all the places that are available with high resolution images, eventually. During the past few weeks, I have personally verified and identified over 1000 locations on the ground, in the Klang Valley alone. To ensure accuracy, a Garmin GPS is used to record the coordinates for subsequent matching. I hope you now understand my recent lapse in blogging.

Friends and enthusiastic supporters in Penang, Ipoh & JB have also gathered thousands of placemarks, all awaiting sorting, double-checking and uploading. The goal is to include proximity landmarks or nearby places for every building covered. For your convenience, most featured locations come with links and addresses on the sidebar, where available.

MyCen Locations is partnered with MyCen Tours. With it, you can click on the Play Button in Google Earth and it takes you on an automatic guided tour of an area or street. Tours currently available include Lake Gardens, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Jalan Raja Chulan, Ampang Elevated Highway, Police Stations in KL and many more places.

I have flown extensively on helicopters conducting aerial photography. In programming the tours, I try to simulate a helicopter's flight with turns, banking angles and hovering movement. If you are unfamiliar with an area, a quick tour should bring you to speed.

One thing surprises me, though. While looking at the satellite images, I realised there is relatively (or comparatively) little new development in KL in the last three years. Is this a definite sign that our Dear Builder has retired? This lull is good news (for me) as Google Earth's current images are about 2 to 3 years old. They will be updated eventually, we hope.

I was also frustrated by the number of people who uploaded placemarks of the locations of their homes (with meaningless tags like 'Ah Kow's House'), cluttering up Google Earth's community layer. What's worst, some of the Malaysian placemarks added there were inaccurate and guesswork at best.

Many Malaysians installed Google Earth when it first launched. Understandably, the first thing many did was to look for their house. After the initial exuberance, the program's tremendous potential was never really utilised. I hope with this new feature, you get to rediscover your surroundings and have a trusted reference whenever you need directions. If you find it useful, please spread the word. Thank you and see you at your rooftop soon.

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