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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Mudah Lupa

After much hesitation and deliberation, I am finally blogging. Frankly, I don't understand the blogging community. I invited them to the Peace Forum, thinking they will blog about important issues like nuclear disarmament. Instead, they bitch about the muddy car park. Bloggers mudah lupa.

If you want to highlight badly maintained public facilities, you should leave it to that cranky guy, that deejay from the Blue Network. I can't remember his name but I saw his blog somewhere. Saya pun mudah lupa.

Let me give you guys a tip. You want all the potholes patched up? Don't trouble the Panjang guy lah. Just arrange for a visit by the Prime Minister to your area. The local authorities will even tar all the new roads. Ratepayers mudah lupa.

My grandchildren being savvy online creatures, suggested I pepper my blog with all the cool and hip words. This is the first time I am hearing words such as "kewl", "duh" or "abuthen." I hope these terms don't creep into the memoirs I am currently writing.

Speaking of trends, do you realise how quickly Malaysians latched on to trends? After I sang "MY Way" in public, there was an explosion of names like MyCen, MyVii, MyKad, MyFM,
MyDin, etc.

I'm off for a holiday in Europe. The most beautiful thing about it is that I get to use another trendy new blogging phrase; hiatus. When (if) I go on a hiatus, I will ping PPS so the whole world knows. Blog readers mudah lupa.

News leaked out that I'm going on vacation with my bud Anand and the mamak stall operators started hounding me. They say I should speak to my friend about the exorbitant commercial rates imposed by the satellite TV provider.

Is a few hundred ringgit (per month) for all the EPL, World Cup telecasts too much? Before this, were there customers packing your stalls watching "Drama Minggu Ini"???? Duh! Mamaks mudah lupa.

posted by The Tun @ 11:58 am


KJ said...
You forgot MyTeam! Greetings from Down Under mate.

The Tun said...
You on holiday too? Who's running the country then? Hehehe

Bob From Zimbabwe said:
Hey Bro, congrats on your new blog. Man, this handing over business is scary stuff. Guess I ought to stay in power till my last breath.

Patrick Teoh said...
Nia***! Talking about me issit? Blue Network became Radio 4 and now I think is called Trash FM or something.

Tengku M said...
Yo My Man! I just found another good deal on a motorcycle manufacturer :) Leave a message if you are interested.

The Hatchet Man said...
This %#&% blog sucks!!!!!

The Tun said...
Get a life and and stop polluting my blog. Be a man, start your own blog.

Harry Of The Red Dot said...
I tried telling you about the mentor minister concept but you wouldn't listen. BTW, do you know of any good sand supplier?

The Wongs said...
Please stop it!

The Tun said...
Like they say... Two wongs don't make one right. BTW, what happened to the royalties from my tribute VCD?

Matthias said...
You know of new sand suppliers meh?

The Tun said...

Black Musa said...

This blogging thing is just a pensioner syndrome. You, Rocky, AKJ, Pok Ku, etc.. Gardening is easier lah.

The Tun said...
Like I say; deputy prime ministers mudah lupa.

Suanie said...
Tankiu for camwhoring with me the other day :)

RPK said...
I'm coming out with a Special Report on the Panjang guy. His neighbour's friend's nephew is closely connected to the people who supplies cement to Singapore. Remember: you heard it from me first.



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