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by TV Smith

Happy Merdeka!

2003 - I wanted to send out specially-designed Merdeka picture greeting cards, centered around a flag-bearing biker. I looked through the previous year's pics and all I had were shirtless riders waving 'borrowed' flags, doing dangerous wheelies. So, me and some friends decided to re-enact a gentler picture of patriotism... Original post here.

2004 - Exactly 2 seconds after the last flecks of ash and sulphur from the fireworks drifted down from the heavens, mega hell broke loose. 2 million wolf-whistling, stunt riding motorcyclists took to the streets, waving flags borrowed from the surroundings. Happy Mat-deka.... Original post here & here.

2005 - Faded and forlorn. Fluttering with a few remaining shreds of dignity. When I first stumbled upon it, my heart sank... Original post here.

2005 - From a distance, the Twin Towers are seen bathed in a nice afterglow of smoke and haze after the midnight blast. See my tips on photographing fireworks here. To get to this viewpoint (location), go to MyCen Locations and look for "Mini Genting"

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