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Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Many of my fellow party members started blogging a couple of days ago. So here I am. Besides, that JB politician (adoi... siapa nama dia?) keep saying must have blog only can win.

Since I am a blogging newbie, I called up Tun and asked if I can 'curi' his blog template and Avatar. (How come they named the identity icon after a Punjabi friend of mine?)

Anyway, to my surprise, he said go ahead. I of course asked whether I should send him a formal agreement to sign and he said no need. Gentleman's Agreement wor.

PS: Anybody know how to adjust the settings for posts to appear in non-reverse chronological order?

posted by PLSB @ 18:58 pm


PLSB said...
No Comment. Ask my Press Sec.

The Tun said...
Grrrr... You don't comment yourself unless someone commented !

PLSB said...
Bloggers are attention whores mah.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Heard that the Opposition had a mammoth rally in Penang last night. How to insert that non-smiling smiley thingy ah?

posted by PLSB @ 17:22 pm


Wong said...
Don't worry boss! We don't publish, nobody will know mah. Sumore rain where people will go.

KY said...
Penang people very kiamsiap. 60,000 people only donated around RM 120,000. Only RM 2 per head. We sure win lah like that.

Haris said...
Boycott the MSM!!!!!

PLSB said...
OMG! How did you discover my blog? Nevermind, new bloggers are always hungry for readers and comments. hehe.

Zorro said...
Boycott the MSM!!!!!

PLSB said...
I hope you don't mind me asking. What on earth is MSM?

RPK said...
And what on earth is SB???

Duuuuhhh! It stands for "Secret Blog" I feel so good to be able to use "duh" myself instead of hearing other people say it all the time.

Saturday, March 08, 2008
Election Day

Cast my vote early in the morning and went home for a nap. At about 11:00pm, my wife woke me up and said I need to give a press conference soon. We hurried down there. On the way, I was inundated with calls telling me that (now) delible fella screwed up big time. I don't understand.

When I arrived, Ong took me to a corner and took out a mandarin orange and a knife from his pocket. He sliced the orange into 3 pieces and explained something about one third majority, two third majority and three third majority. I asked him like that how????? He said not to worry and proceeded to yank out some seeds from one of the slices. He said "We can buy some seeds" and winked. Don't know what that fella was trying to say.

posted by PLSB @ 11:55 pm


Sunday, March 09, 2008
The Day After

There was gloom all around. Sam complained he kept receving SMSes about suggestions to form a new party. Stock market might take a dip tomorrow but celco revenue sure will go up judging from the number of "New Indian Party" jokes being circulated.

Also, first time I saw more tears than saliva flying out of KY's face. Awww... Zamy asked if I would go officiate his new Nasi Kandar store up in the north when it opens. You think is a good idea?

I called for a meeting but everybody said they can't make it cos they are busy shopping for heavy duty shredders pula. I know it is a Sunday but can't you guys take your mind off shopping for once. Anyway, glad they did cos I took my Sunday nap. Man, before I could doze off, that Tun was giving some press conference bitching about us losing a few states. Hey! What's the big deal? We still won OK!

posted by PLSB @ 17:03 pm

1 Comment:

Wong said...
OK! Tomorrow I put "Big Mandate"

Saturday, March 15, 2008
Blogging Blues

Wanted to call Uncle Kit and asked him how to convert this blog to Work Press but decided not to risk hearing him gloat about his family victory. Cannot consult that Anwar fella also about blogging as he sure will boast about his family victory too. Besides, I told everybody I forgotten about him.

Think I will consult the Googer CEO (eh...siapa nama dia?) When I met him in Davos recently, he asked me about some network and data center mumbo jumbo. When the local media asked me what we discussed, I just said Googer wants to invest in Malaysia lah. I was a bit worried as Cyberjaya is slowly turning into a ghost town.

posted by PLSB @ 9:03 am


KY said...
Where got ghost town???? Tonight got Toto concert what.

PLSB said...
Eh... thought we don't allow Toto there?

Monday, March 17, 2008
Gentleman's Agreement

First he said there was a "Gentleman's Agreement", then he said there actually wasn't. Then he said there was an understanding. This I don't understand. People say I am dismantling a great legacy. So I follow in his footsteps loh. I will stay for another 18 years, cannot meh?

OMG! I just saw I have 1563 missed calls from that Perlis guy (hmm... siapa nama dia?) while I was sleeping. Gila!

posted by PLSB @ 21:54 pm


Ros said...
You're kidding about that 18 years thing, right?

Langkawi Dude said...
Alamak! If I knew you know how to use a PC, I would have sent it by e-mail.

PLSB said...
Yeeerrr.... How come you not sacked from party yet???? I just can't rely on those two cousins anymore.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008
Can't Please Everyone, Can You?

Announced new line up yesterday. As expected, those pesky bloggers wrote all sorts of silly things. One step forward, two steps backwards pula. You all think it is as easy as putting up kitchen cabinets issit?

Speaking of kitchen cabinets, Sam rang me up today and told me some good news. I am happy for him. He said he is now in the renovation business. He said got commission if I introduce clients. Since I heard LGE is staying in his father's old house, I called him and ask him to renovate. He said he has to get 15 quotations first. Gila!

posted by PLSB @ 10:03 am


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