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THE WEEK IN REVIEW (ending 19th August)
by TV Smith

Turn Tun Turn
Fans of Indira Gandhi, Lee Kuan Yew, George Bush Sr and Blake Carrington, rejoice! The sons of Tun Ling Liong Sik, (future Tun) Lim Keng Yaik and Tun Mahathir Mohamad are all in the bandwagon. The other band of (cousin) brothers, the sons of Tun Abdul Razak & Tun Hussien Onn already have a headstart; they got in earlier. And Lim Kit Siang can't complain either. But seriously guys, we are not ready for reruns. Not so soon at least. Besides, Dynasty sucks.

Go Gol & Gincu
The night after the premier of Gol & Gincu, Patrick Teoh asked me what I thought of the movie. I told him it was like a perfect relationship, you have a good time, go home and don't think about it anymore. Isn't that wonderful? The movie isn't original and a sponsor is featured every 0.065 second, but I still urge you to go see it this weekend.

It is no tear-jerker but if you know the inside story, you too will weep. It is a miracle an independent film such as this makes it to our big screens. The local film industry is monopolised by an inner circle of datuks and cohorts in high places. They put up every barrier they can think of whenever a genuine Malaysian film - with credible acting, sound, cinematography and script - comes along and rattle their comfy cocoon.

50 Reasons To Shop at E-Bay
Another datukship is possibly up for sale at E-Bay. A Datuk was ordered to pay damages amounting to a few million ringgit to another datuk.

The Smoke Carpet
The Annual Sumatra Forest Burning Festival has been staged successfully for over a decade now. Next year it probably will be bigger and better, I'm sure. Like all imported stuff; it generates more appeal. Swept under it, are yesterday's newsmakers. Anyone remember the flyover that broke in two, the Billionaire's Club (aka AP holders) or the
teapot man?

Little Girl In Camouflage
Employers everywhere are getting jittery over blogging employees. This week saw yet another 'takedown'. The National Service providers are probably not aware their every comical move is logged. But then, this is where weblogs shine and who better to keep a faithful digital diary than our savvy blogger Jolene. Her hilarious and microscopic account should help parents breathe easier. This season's biological problem is acne (apparently) and NOT pregnancies like the last.

The Absent Minded Zookeeper
Normally, I wouldn't visit a zoo that absent-mindedly locks tigers out of their enclosure but hey, it's the Melaka Zoo we're talking about. Good thing for the public, the stranded animal is a cute cub and good thing for her, there isn't a Chinese Restoran next door.

Nicky's Cage
Wandering around the dark and sprawling grounds of the new Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC), I got spooked by a ghost perched on a cage. Last night, coincidentally, was the official climax of the Chinese Ghost Month.

On closer inspection, the ghost turned out to be the lovely Su Ling (The Sunday Star's dance writer) and the cage, a designer wire mesh sofa. Just the thing the Melaka Zoo needs. If your mutt likes humping legs, this too should do the trick when there are guests in the house.

She said she had a bad hair day and requested anonymity

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